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Holyoke, MA 01040

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2016 Executive Board of Directors

Position Name Phone Email
Commodore Jennifer Gilburg 413-335-4687 jdgilburg@comcast.net
Co-Vice Commodore (buildings and grounds) Jen Garbiel 413-534-8830 jjgarb@hotmail.com
Co-Vice Commodore (docks) Kevin Kleszcynski 413-575-7038 kkleski2011@hotmail.com
Co-Vice Commodore (staffing) Meredith Stanton 413-575-4053 meredith.greaney421@yahoo.com
Co-Vice Commodore (pools) Brian Bowler 413-244-3066 brianbow@comcast.net
Purser Neil Chernick 413-538-8968 nchernick@aol.com
Collector TBA - -
Secretary Jessica Tuttle 413-322-9224 jessicavtuttle@gmail.com

2016 Board of Directors

Position Name Phone Email
Social Director Sara English 413-534-3878 english_family@verizon.net
Media and Marketing Zan Carter 917-674-9226 zancarter@comcast.net
Trustee Rhae Kennedy 413-782-7198 rhae.kennedy@verizon.net
Steward TBA - -

2016 Contacts

Position Name Phone Email
Tennis Pro George Paluch 413-536-0927 -
Dock Master Kevin Kleszcynski 413-575-7038 kkleski2011@hotmail.com
Wedding Coordinator Sara English 413-534-3878 english_family@verizon.net
Brewfest Manager Sara English 413-534-3878 english_family@verizon.net

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