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Tennis Information

Check back soon for the 2017 tennis schedule and program registration.

Tennis Coach

George Paluch - full time tennis pro: 413-536-0927

***PLEASE REMEMBER: All non-members must pay guest fees.***
Fees can be paid to George or deposited in the lock box located at the entrance kiosk.

What We Offer

Tennis Commitee

Tennis Rules

  1. Two set limit when others are waiting to play. If set goes to 6-6, a tie breaker must be used.
  2. All players must leave the court after completing two sets.
  3. When practicing without playing sets a limit of one hour is mandatory.
  4. Junior members under 18 will not play if senior members are waiting for a court, unless they are playing with a senior member or working full time. However, when all courts are playable, a junior member may not be bumped from the hard surface courts.
  5. On the weekends when the courts get the most play, members who are waiting should list their name on the tennis bulletin board "waiting list" near Court 1.
  6. There will be one sign-up board for the clay courts. At least one clay court will always be available for the pro at any time.
  7. When nets are down, do not play without consulting the tennis pro or club steward.
  8. Only smooth-soled tennis shoes are allowed. No shoes with heels, no bare feet, and no basketball style sneakers are allowed.
  9. Proper tennis attire must be worn on all courts at all times. Absolutely no bathing suits, shirtless play or jogging shoes.
  10. At least one clay court will be open during tennis tournaments.
  11. During the entire season, you must sweep the courts and lines upon completion of play and hang up brooms at designated locations on Courts 2, 4, and 7.
  12. Court 6 (hard court, with backboard) may be used by the tennis pro without notice.
  13. When leaving the court at night, please turn off the lights inside the storeroom.
  14. Court 7 (hard court, without backboard) is available at all times to junior members. A sign-up sheet will be provided for junior members to use. There will be a half hour playing limit when other junior members are waiting to play. Junior players may use clay courts when not being used by adults or as stipulated by rule 2.
  15. Tennis complaints may be directed to our pro George Paluch or any Tennis Committee member.
  16. Tennis pro shall have exclusive rights to give lessons for a fee on club courts.

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